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Our company provides new construction final cleaning. We also provide remodel cleanup services.

New Construction and Remodels


Removal of labels, stickers, tags, construction debris and dust from mill work, cutting, sanding, grouting, plumbing, wiring, etc. Cleaning of all interior areas to include, but not limited to:

Doors, frames, hardware and thresholds
Windows, sills, frames, moldings and tracks
Walls, trim, switch plates, outlets, light fixtures, smoke detectors, hand rails
Floors, baseboards, cadet and floor heaters, exhaust vents and air registers
Plumbing fixtures, bright work, tubs, showers, splash guards, sinks and toilets
Countertops, cabinets, cabinet shelving, drawers, access panels
Appliances, glass work, emergency fixtures, exposed piping

(This phase of cleaning is preferred after installation of cabinets, hardware, floors, plumbing and fixtures)


Focuses more on the details of cleaning all items noted in Rough phase to remove dirt, smudges, marks, adhesives, construction residue, grout and mud, includes cleaning inside /outside of windows, frames, and the installation of window screens. Wash all hard surface floors, vacuum all carpets and mats.

Touch Up:

Spiff clean of items noted as necessary and touch-up on all windows as determined by Contractor.

All of the work is to be completed in a professional and workmanlike manner to the standard practices.

Not a Franchise

Many of our new customers have hired "franchise" companies in the past with poor results. We are proud not to be part of any franchise organization to insure the highest, quality & dependability for you. There is no middleman to detract from our communication with our customers and making sure you are getting great service!

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